Why Executive Coaching Doesn’t Work…

Ever hired a coach/consultant/trainer/gooroo and felt like it was a massive waste of time and money?  Executive coach Leadership coach Teamwork consultant Magical Fixer of Broken Cultures, Esq I’ve had the privilidge of learning from, training under, and being mentored […]

The 4 Key Ingredients to Leadership

Despite an overwhelming number of books, videos, courses, and conferences on leadership, it can sometimes feel like incredible leaders are as difficult to spot as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster! We’ve all heard the stories of great leaders, we’ve […]

The People We Need Right Now

We NEED people. It’s a fact. We are built for community, and connection, and intimacy. There is a reason that ancient civilizations and tribes around the world used BANISHMENT as a form of capital punishment! We can’t survive this life, […]