Justin Kier

I’m Justin Kier — a speaker and coach who specializes in leadership development and collaboration. My core philosophy of leadership is wrapped up in a quote by Eisenhower: 

“The art of leadership is getting other people to do what you want done, because they want to do it.”

When we get leadership right, results follow. It always starts with the leader taking responsibility for their part, and then providing the right mindsets, frameworks, and direction for truly productive teamwork to take place. 
After spending years in the education and fitness industry (from teaching to 1-on-1 to bootcamps to managing a Crossfit gym to running my own fitness business) I saw firsthand what it was like to “lead” people in something that was good for them but that they didn’t feel like doing!

Nowadays you’ll find me diving in deep with leaders and executive teams or standing on a stage and inspiring groups toward greater success and collaboration. While I do make time for the occasional blog or podcast, most of my writing is done privately to my email list. The vast majority of my readers feel my email list contains my best content. You can sign up for my email like at justinkierspeaks.com/list and you’ll even get my FREE PDF Checklist on “Habits of High Performing Leaders.