Whether an annual conference or a monthly department meeting, it is crucial for a speaker to bring the right combination of motivation and information. It’s always great to hear an inspirational message, but it has to be combined with actionable steps that attendees can walk away with.

My goal for each engagement is three-fold:

Step 1: Be professional and pleasant to work with. Event planners and directors have enough on their plates, the last thing you should have to worry about is the speaker. I make sure to provide timely responses and communication, while doing every thing in my power to make your event a success.

Step 2: Be dynamic and engaging on stage. Attendees should feel encouraged and inspired to both step up as leaders AND be more intentional in the way they collaborate. A talk that is riveting in the moment, but also provides food for thought long after it’s over is always my goal.

Step 3: Be helpful after it’s over. Whether it’s sticking around to chat with attendees, or facilitating conversations, or even providing follow up material…I am committed to finishing strong!

Justin is one of the best and most dynamic speakers I’ve ever heard. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him speak many times and always walk away supremely impressed. He really knows how to command the stage but more importantly his knowledge and expertise are what blow me away. He’s incredibly well studied, experienced, and offers great insights and perspectives on the topics he speaks about. But above all this he’s an incredibly good guy. He genuinely cares about people and wants to help. If you are looking for a speaker for your organization I cannot recommend Justin highly enough.

Jason G.

Keynote Topics

“Untying The Leadership Knots”

Leadership is something we should all aspire to, whether simply leading ourselves or leading a department. In this keynote I lay out why trying to do it all alone sets us up for “knots” (failures) and how we can lead more effectively by surrounding ourselves with the right people and avoiding the blind spots.

When leadership is done correctly, we ALL get more done and enjoy the process far more at the same time!

Attendees will walk away with the 3 keys to not only BEING a great leader, but being SEEN as one. This is an incredibly valuable skill for both the individual AND the team that they lead.

“Cultivating Intentional Collaboration”

There are times when it is crucial for getting everyone going in the SAME direction at the SAME time. The stakes are high, there’s a lot on the line, and a group needs to be reminded of how important collaboration is. During times of crisis or change, the message of this talk is how we can effectively work together.

Silos get brought down when people understand the driving forces behind getting things done and how we can avoid getting stuck in old ways.

Everyone hearing this keynote will walk away with a greater understanding of the 4 steps necessary to work together and the part they play in making it happen!

For booking information, please leave a short message with information about your event. I look forward to starting the conversation!